Tyttö pitelee kädessään sydän riipusta hymyillen.
Tytöllä on monogrammi riipus yllään ja hän pitelee kukkaa kädessään.
Suunnittelija tekee mittauksia uutta riipusta varten.


An intense passion for children's gifts has been a driving force to company founder Minna to create a life-long childhood memento. She got a first-hand view of entrepreneurial life, having been involved with the family business in the central Finnish town of Jyväskylä for 18 years. Minna started working in her mother's gift shop at age 11 and she has been fascinated by gift-giving ever since.

During her design studies, Minna worked in a jewellery store. There she got to know Kari, who would give beautiful finishing touches to many jewellery pieces and gifts with his amazing hand engravings. Kari has 30 years' experience individualizing jewellery and other gifts, both as goldsmith and engraver. His interest in engraving also started as a little boy, watching his father do wood engravings.

The inspiration for a deeper collaborating was born when Minna wanted to design a jewellery collection for children based on customers' wishes, with the high-quality engraving by hand, making the gift a very personal life-long childhood memento.Both Minna and Kari have a true passion for creating high-quality gifts, which carry special importance for the wearer, providing them with resilience and a life-long memento. We also aim to increase awareness of hand engraving, helping to preserve this rare profession in Finland.

It is our pleasure to be in partnership with Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. SOFIA -jewellery was designed for MLCW 100-years celebration. About SOFIA -jewellery https://www.tira.fi/p/mll-100-koru-or-sofia

If you want to make an order abroad, or have wishes to custom made jewellery please contact us to tira@tira.fi.

Welcome to follow our journey!

Best wishes, Minna and Kari